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Arabica - Washed (Parchment) and Cherry (Naturally Processed)

  • Arabica coffee from the high altitude (of up to 5200 feet above sea level), mystic mountains of the western Ghats is amongst the most aromatic Arabica coffees of the world and is second to none.
  • Coffee grows best in 50% of shade and on slopes.
  • We have a consortium of award winning estates, where the soil quality, and eco system is in ideal balance to grow specialty Arabica coffee with uniquely different flavours of spices, citrus fruits, caramel, with a sweet note, etc
  • Plantation Region: Chikmagalur, State: Karnataka

Robusta - Washed (Parchment) and Cherry (Naturally Processed)

  • Especially, Robusta from Coorg region is amongst the best in the world, with body, aroma and strength; releasing uniquely mesmerising fruity flavours.
  • This coffee compliments as a blend with any coffee.
  • Plantation Region: Coorg State: Karnataka

Organic Arabica - Washed (Parchment) and Cherry(Naturally processed)

  • Organic coffee from Araku valley is probably the only one of its kind with honey, caramel, chocolate and earthy flavours, unique to the pristine hills of this region, where nature is untouched by chemicals and fertilisers, with an eco system that flourishes in all its glory. There is a special taste, silky, soft, smooth with sweetness.
  • Plantation Region: Araku Valley State: Andhra

Pyramid of Coffee

Specialty, Premium and Commercial.

Specialty is mostly single origin - Arabica.

Premium is from multi estate but Arabica.

Commercial is multi estate Arabica and Robusta

Coffee and Health

Morning 7.00 hr: Coffee acts especially on the kidneys, whose blood vessels dilate, facilitating the elimination of body's waste.

After Lunch 14.00 hr: Useful especially for the digestive system, facilitating its activity and therefore digestion itself.

Afternoon 16.00 hr: Contrasts that declining stage of the sleep-waking cycle: a useful function especially when doing physical or sports activities.

Evening 20.00 hr: Especially for those who use to work even after dinner, coffee acts on cerebral centres, activating fancy, imagination and association of ideas.

( Information Courtesy: Book The espresso coffee production system)



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