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Our Core Competencies

  • Sourcing of  specialty coffee with different flavour.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Expert- Profile Roasting.
  • Cup - Tasting.
  • Specific Profile development.
  • Design ,manufacture  and supply of allied equipments for coffee processing



  • Business Plan, Project Support for setting up Cafes, Coffee Roasteries.
  • Custom Roasting.
  • Start-up support for feeders/blenders/ destoners.
  • Support turn-key solutions.
  • Custom blend development to suit unique customer requirements.



  • Green Coffee Bean / Roasted Coffee Bean.
  • Fully automatic coffee roasters with 220 V 50 Hz or 415 V 50 Hz power supply compatible. Range from 700 gms to 8 Kgs.
  • Green Bean Feeders - Stainless Steel.
  • Roasted Coffee Destoners and Conveying stainless steel.
  • Blenders - Roasted Coffee Bean.
  • Blenders - Coffee Powder.

Future Products. Coming soon.

  • Supply of finest Tea from India and Srilanka.
  • Supply of concentrated juices and Ice Creams from Italy.


Automatic microprocessor controlled Roasters up to 8 kgs per batch, best suitable for cafes, start-up roasteries / Stainless steel green coffee bean pneumatic feeders to feed beans to roasters / Stainless steel roasted bean destoners and bins with discharge mechanism/ Roasted coffee bean blenders / Coffee Powder Blenders.

Pyramid of Coffee - HappyBean

Specialty, Premium and Commercial.

Specialty is mostly single origin - Arabica.

Premium is from multi estate but Arabica.

Commercial is multi estate Arabica and Robusta